Apollo Management Group

Apollo Management Group, LLC is a comprehensive Management Agency primarily focused on world class entertainers, athletes and businesses. Leveraging our backgrounds in finance, marketing & management, we are confident in delivering an uniquely personalized, and differentiated service to business and entertainment professionals. At Apollo we prioritize your brand, maximize your wealth and optimize your career.



At Apollo Management Group (AMG) we have an unyielding determination to produce world class service for our clients, in order to maximize their success. Through our collaborative efforts and expansive network, Apollo commits to delivering a full suite of representation services: brand management, wealth management, and career management to maximize the personal and professional growth of the clients that we call family.

Family is at the nucleus of our business. Our clients are our first priority and we are fully invested in every aspect of their lives. We aim to attract talented individuals who appreciate our desire to build lifelong relationships.

Contemporary Boardroom

Marketing & Public Relations

A strong marketing and public relations strategy can increase one’s earnings, exposure and influence throughout their career. AMG is dedicated to micromanaging every aspect of our clients’ careers. We are constantly seeking endorsement and partnership opportunities for our clientele. We also assist in developing our talents’ public speaking and media relation abilities. All of these things contribute towards helping you maximize your marketability and opportunities.