At AMG we understand how difficult it can be to progress in your professional career. There is no need to feel like you are embarking on this journey alone. Instead, we want to provide you with the necessary tools needed to help you work towards the future you envision

Advisory Services (Financial & Legal)

AMG abides by the strict compliance standards, and will only refer financial or legal advising from registered advisors. We have a network of proven individuals who will work effortlessly on our clients’ behalves. Our legal and financial advisors are available to help in all areas of our clients’ professional and personal lives.

Space Planning

Business & Brand Development

At AMG we are dedicated to helping our clients share their passions with the world. Whether in your hometown or in an unfamiliar city, AMG will help progress any business or philanthropic ideas that one may be passionate about. Our involvement in the community allows our clients to provide young men and women with opportunities that may not have been available otherwise.

Marketing & Public Relations

 A strong marketing and public relations strategy can increase one’s earnings, exposure, and influence throughout their career. AMG is dedicated to micromanaging every aspect of our clients’ careers. We are constantly seeking endorsement and partnership opportunities for our clientele. We also assist in developing our talents’ public speaking and media relation abilities. All of these things contribute towards helping you maximize your marketability and opportunities.

Workout Shoes

Pre-Draft Support

AMG invests heavily in our clients, to make sure they exceed expectations at their respective combines. We will tap all available resources in our network, to make sure that our athletes can maximize their draft stock. Our pre-draft program not only emphasizes physical training and nutrition but also includes other important focus areas such as budgeting and media preparation. In professional sports, a first impression can help decide the future direction of your career. AMG will do everything in our power to ensure that our clients produce the best possible first impression at their combine and personal workouts. Combine-prep experts Strength & conditioning professionals Sports nutritionists